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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Episode 7 : The Phantom Brigade (Halloween show)

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G-G-G-G-Ghosts !?

About the episode :

Oh dear, I have continuity now, that will end well. To fully get the stinger from this episode, you're gonna have to watch the stinger from last week.

Halloween stuff :

If you're looking for more reviewer content in the spirit of the spooky halloween season, there are two things I can't recommend enough.

First is the Silent Hill retrospective by Dena Natali. The Silent Hill games are a series of Survival Horror games with often a better and more intricate story than many horror movies. The atmosphere and story twists are excellent and... You know what? Just watch the retrospective.
- If you've played a Silent Hill game, you'll like this.
- If you've never played a Silent Hill game, but know of the series, you'll like this.
- If you've never played or even heard of a Silent Hill game, you'll like this.

Start with video #21 (Silent Hill 2 Part 1) and make your way up from there. I usually rewatch these episodes every year around Halloween, they're just that fascinating.

Second, I suggest checking out Linkara's Longbox Of The Damned series. Dude has made some serious effort this Halloween season, releasing one video a day this October, taking a short look at a horror comic each day ! I'm happy I can get one short video a week out. Kudos.

You can check it out on his blog, though fair warning, this will load the video player for each episode, so on an old computer, it could be a strain.
Alternativly, here are his vids in easy link form, at TGWTG :

For added atmosphere, watch the Longbox series while using headphones.

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